Seeking feedback for summer bridge classes

Hi all! Last summer I skipped summer bridge to prepare for the Audrey Grant Better Bridge series, and playing at the North American Bridge Championships.

This year I have again reserved nine Thursday evenings (possibly ten) in South Pasadena at Oneonta Congregational Church.

I have many choices of class offerings, in shorter segments than the 8-week classes I was previously offering.

I'd like to hear from you. Is there a bridge topic that interests you more than others this summer?

I have three interesting new four-session classes to offer. I can offer two of these:

  • Improving Your Judgement 1 — Opening the bidding (First and second seat, third and fourth seat, preempts, strong opening bids)
  • Improving Your Judgement 2 — Doubles (Takeout doubles, advances, rebids, balancing)
  • Two over One Game Forcing — The variant of Standard American bidding favored by experienced players

Plus I have three choices of one-session classes. I can offer one of these:

  • How to play team matches
  • Opening Leads Against Notrump
  • Managing Your Entries
  • Five Steps to Simplify the End Play

Take the short two-question survey here

Or feel free to drop me an email through the contact form here on the web site.

Let me know if some of those offerings particularly interest you! I'll be setting a schedule before April 1.