How to Play Teams

One night only, June 8, 2017

Of the many formats for playing duplicate bridge, team matches with four players are arguably the most fun, and the easiest game to set up at a home bridge party. All you need are eight or more players divided into teams of four players who meet in head-to-head matches.

Every tournament traditionally has "Swiss Teams" on the final day of the tournament, and "Knockout" team games available throughout the event. Team matches can be played with any number of hands. At Swiss Team events, the matches are typically 45 minutes each with six or seven boards. Knockout events can be anywhere from 12 boards to 128 two-day long affairs for a major national championship.

In this one night lesson you will:

  • Learn the mechanics of playing and scoring a team match using International Match Points (IMPs).
  • Learn how the scoring affects strategy during bidding and play differently from pair games (matchpoints).
  • Play an actual team match using shuffled cards.

Class size strictly limited! Reservations recommended.

Class fee $15. Pay in cash or PayPal Me

Be ready for the summer tournaments! Team matches can be very lucrative if you are actively collecting masterpoints. Team games are often the quickest way to earn those coveted gold and silver points needed to become an ACBL Life Master.

For playing social bridge at home, team games require the least amount of preparation and fanfare.

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Class will meet at 7:00 p.m.

The Forum Room
Oneonta Congregational Church
1515 Garfield Avenue
South Pasadena CA 91030