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BridgeMojo is ACBL accredited bridge teacher Morris "Mojo" Jones, offering beginning and continuing bridge lessons for Pasadena, Arcadia, and the San Gabriel Valley.


Summer Bridge Classes for Advancing Players

I'm delighted to announce three bridge topics for advancing players in 2017. All classes will meet at the beautiful Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

How and Why to Play Teams

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  • One night only: Thursday, June 8, 2017, class fee $15
  • How to score team matches with International Match Points (IMPs)
  • How the difference in team play scoring affects strategy vs. pair games (matchpoints)
  • Play an actual team match with shuffled hands
  • Be ready to enter your team in the summer sectional tournaments!

Two Over One Game Force

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  • Four Thursday evenings, starting June 15, 2017, last class July 6
  • Level up your game! Learn the bidding system favored by experienced tournament players.
  • Unique multi-level instruction makes the class accessible and valuable for players of all levels.
  • Class fee $80 includes a copy of the book by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell

Improving Your Judgement - Doubles

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  • Meet on four Thursday evenings, starting July 13, 2017, last class August 10 (skipping July 27)
  • Fine tune your game! Recognize more situations where a double call can help you find the right contract
  • Unique multi-level instruction makes the class accessible and valuable for players of all levels.
  • Class fee $75 includes book by Audrey Grant

My regional bridge talk available now on video

I edited and added graphics to my bridge talk from the Los Angeles Regional a few weeks ago.

The talk will be linked permanently on this page and available on YouTube at this link.

The subject is the ACBL Yellow Card, also known as SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), how it became the standard convention card for online bridge, and why you need to know SAYC and play bridge online.

Here are links related to the video and the ACBL Standard Yellow Card from ACBL's web site:

ACBL's Convention Card page

The ACBL Standard Yellow Card as a convention card (PDF)

The SAYC system booklet in single pages, or paginated for a folded print-out.

Many thanks to Claudia Henry for helping shoot the video!

Join the Bridgemojo fan page on Facebook

Here's a new way to connect with fellow students, "like" our fan page on Facebook:

Social bridge mailing list available

For bridge students and beginners, I've created an email list called "Social Bridge" with the intent of providing a place for students to ask questions and make arrangements to play bridge socially.

Clearly the best way to improve at bridge is to play as often as you can, but finding a game that isn't too competitive or intimidating can be difficult.

The list members should all be local to the Pasadena/Arcadia area, and mostly current or former students of my bridge classes at PCC. So it should remain a small list of folks who mostly know each other and would like to discuss bridge or get together to practice.

You can join the list by clicking and using the "Subscribing to Social" form -- or just drop me a note at the Contact link.

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