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Seeking feedback for summer bridge classes

Hi all! Last summer I skipped summer bridge to prepare for the Audrey Grant Better Bridge series, and playing at the North American Bridge Championships.

This year I have again reserved nine Thursday evenings (possibly ten) in South Pasadena at Oneonta Congregational Church.

I have many choices of class offerings, in shorter segments than the 8-week classes I was previously offering.

I'd like to hear from you. Is there a bridge topic that interests you more than others this summer?

I have three interesting new four-session classes to offer. I can offer two of these:

  • Improving Your Judgement 1 — Opening the bidding (First and second seat, third and fourth seat, preempts, strong opening bids)
  • Improving Your Judgement 2 — Doubles (Takeout doubles, advances, rebids, balancing)
  • Two over One Game Forcing — The variant of Standard American bidding favored by experienced players

Plus I have three choices of one-session classes. I can offer one of these:

  • How to play team matches
  • Opening Leads Against Notrump
  • Managing Your Entries
  • Five Steps to Simplify the End Play

Take the short two-question survey here

Or feel free to drop me an email through the contact form here on the web site.

Let me know if some of those offerings particularly interest you! I'll be setting a schedule before April 1.

Winter/Spring classes now open for registration

The new Better Bridge curriculum is now open for registration at PCC Extension. Full class details available here.

Use these links to enroll online through the PCC Extension web site:

Better Bridge class schedule Winter/Spring 2017

I'm delighted to offer three classes from Audrey Grant's Better Bridge program for new and continuing bridge players and students.

Each course will be offered for five weeks, two-hour sessions, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Each course will have four focused lessons on bridge topics, and a closing session where we play hands that illustrate the lessons learned.

Here's the schedule for your calendar. Registration will be open through PCC Extension soon.

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction

This is your introduction to bridge for new players. No experience required. Get off on the right foot with modern bidding style and an overview of card play and defense.

Lesson Plan

  • Week 1 - The Basics
  • Week 2 - Notrump Opening Bids and Responses
  • Week 3 - Major Suit Opening Bids and Responses
  • Week 4 - Minor Suit Opening Bids and Responses
  • Week 5 - Additional Practice Deals
  • Five Wednesday evenings, Jan. 11 through Feb. 8
  • Classes meet at Arcadia High School
  • Cost $65 to PCC Extension, plus $10 for the textbook
  • Enroll online here!

Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding

When both sides are bidding for the contract, the meanings of many bids change. Picking up where Bridge 1 leaves off, this course offers detailed coverage of situations that come up in competitive auctions. Learn how to get to your best spot, or prevent the opponents from getting to their ideal contract.

Lesson Plan

  • Week 1 - Preemptive Opening Bids
  • Week 2 - Overcalls and Advances
  • Week 3 - Takeout Doubles and Advances
  • Week 4 - The Competitive Auction
  • Week 5 - Additional Practice Deals
  • Five Wednesday evenings, Feb. 22 through Mar. 22
  • Classes meet at Arcadia High School
  • Cost $65 to PCC Extension, plus $10 for the textbook
  • Enroll online here!

Bridge Basics 3: Popular Conventions

World class bridge players agree that it is better to know a few conventions thoroughly than a large number superficially. The lessons illustrate the problems these conventions are designed to solve and how they can best be used. Intermingled with every lesson are expert techniques for declarer play and defense.

Lesson Plan

  • Week 1 - The Stayman Convention
  • Week 2 - Jacoby Transfer Bids
  • Week 3 - Strong Opening Bids
  • Week 4 - Slam Bidding
  • Week 5 - Additional Practice Deals
  • Five Wednesday evenings, Mar. 29 through May 3 (no class Apr. 5)
  • Classes meet at Arcadia High School
  • Cost $65 to PCC Extension, plus $10 for the textbook
  • Enroll online here!

My regional bridge talk available now on video

I edited and added graphics to my bridge talk from the Los Angeles Regional a few weeks ago.

The talk will be linked permanently on this page and available on YouTube at this link.

The subject is the ACBL Yellow Card, also known as SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), how it became the standard convention card for online bridge, and why you need to know SAYC and play bridge online.

Here are links related to the video and the ACBL Standard Yellow Card from ACBL's web site:

ACBL's Convention Card page

The ACBL Standard Yellow Card as a convention card (PDF)

The SAYC system booklet in single pages, or paginated for a folded print-out.

Many thanks to Claudia Henry for helping shoot the video!

Join the Bridgemojo fan page on Facebook

Here's a new way to connect with fellow students, "like" our fan page on Facebook:

Social bridge mailing list available

For bridge students and beginners, I've created an email list called "Social Bridge" with the intent of providing a place for students to ask questions and make arrangements to play bridge socially.

Clearly the best way to improve at bridge is to play as often as you can, but finding a game that isn't too competitive or intimidating can be difficult.

The list members should all be local to the Pasadena/Arcadia area, and mostly current or former students of my bridge classes at PCC. So it should remain a small list of folks who mostly know each other and would like to discuss bridge or get together to practice.

You can join the list by clicking and using the "Subscribing to Social" form -- or just drop me a note at the Contact link.

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