Improving Your Judgment - Opening The Bidding

When we first learn to play bridge, we learn to count our high card points, add in distribution points. If the total is 13 or more, then we should open the bidding — that is, make the first bid in the auction at the 1 level.

Later when we start playing in formal or informal groups, we discover players opening 12 point hands, or even weaker! What's the deal?

There are indeed subtleties to deciding whether to open and what the opening bid should be. This course addresses those subtleties with effective guidelines and great practice deals that touch on all aspects of bridge.

This is an online, live, interactive bridge course. We will meet online using Zoom, and you will practice playing at a virtual bridge table with other students.

  • Six Sunday Afternoons, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., starting Feb. 7
  • $110 plus $12 for the course textbook Improving Your Judgment 1: Opening The Bidding by Audrey Grant
  • Enroll using the contact form here, specify that you want to join the Opening The Bidding course.

Here is a list of the weekly topics:

  • Opening at the one level in first and second position
  • Opening at the one level in third and fourth position
  • Obstructive opening bids
  • Strong opening bids
  • Practice hands
  • More practice hands