ACBL Guest Memberships

Why should you get an ACBL player number?

The American Contract Bridge League supervises and sanctions clubs and tournaments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Membership is required for sectional and regional tournaments, and while not strictly necessary, it's helpful in club games as well (virtual online clubs included).

A guest membership is free, and your player number will be yours forever. Think of it much like a membership in the USGA for golf, where they can track your golf handicap.

Bridge players are not rated as they are in chess, or handicapped as in golf, but a collection of ACBL masterpoints is a reasonable measure of experience at playing and doing well in sanctioned bridge tournaments.

Guest memberships are only available to players who have never been an ACBL member.

Here's how to get your ACBL player number with a guest membership:

On the second page of the registration you'll be asked for your recruiter information. Here's what you enter on that page:

  • Recruiting club: <leave blank>
  • Recruiting Member: 8202249
  • Recruiting Member Name: Morris Jones