Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

The bridge clubs and classrooms are closed for now, but bridge is alive and well online!

For more information about small online group classes or instruction, contact Mojo directly.


Defender and declarer play mini lessons every Saturday

Join Mojo every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. just before our regularly scheduled 10:00 a.m. 0-500 game for a bridge mini lesson.

Each week I'll have a short topic on defender or declarer play. The format will be a seminar style with examples and Q&A, taken from the ACBL Bridge Series.

For July, I'll be covering defense topics:

  • Opening leads against notrump contracts
  • Opening leads against trump contracts
  • Third-hand play
  • Second-hand play

Everyone is invited to attend, from any experience level, anywhere in the world. :)

Add the class to your calendar! Saturday mornings at 9:30 - 9:50.

For a link to the meeting, please drop an email to mojo@bridgemojo.com

Online classes available

Mojo at "mission control" for online bridge classes.

I'm happy to offer the following classes for very small groups of students online, using Zoom and Bridge Base Online.

The ideal class size is four students, but as few as two or as many as six can be included.

Typically classes run for about 90 minutes each, and the price is $20 per student. Purchase lessons in bulk: 4 classes for $75,  8 classes for $145 per student.

Here are class subjects available:

  • Defense, as many as 8 lessons
  • Play of the hand, as many as 8 lessons
  • Competitive Bidding, as many as 4 lessons
  • Popular conventions, 4 lessons
  • 2/1 Game Force, 4 lessons
  • Improving your Judgment: Doubles, 4 lessons

I also have shorter series of hands that are great ways to practice particular skills. Each session will consist of eight hands, with two classes available for each series.

  • Basic bidding
  • Competitive bidding
  • Popular conventions

Here is a list of currently available time slots for any of these special small-group classes:

Monday through Wednesday 8:00-10:00, 3:00-5:00
Tuesday or Wednesday 7:00-9:30
Thursday 8:30-Noon
Friday Noon-3:00
Sunday 8:30-11:30

To order a class, please send an email to Mojo suggesting a time you would like and a course you're interested in.

You can also drop me a note and express an interest in a particular course when a class is ready to be offered. I can gather interested players and form classes from the list.