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Class Schedule, Winter/Spring 2020

Mojo with Audrey Grant in Toronto, Summer 2017
Mojo with Audrey Grant at the Better Bridge Teachers Convention, Toronto, 2017

Bridge I — An Introduction

This is the first class from Audrey Grant's acclaimed Better Bridge program.

This is the starting point for a lifetime of fascination with bridge. No experience required.

Newcomers will learn the mechanics of the game through its historical predecessors: whist and auction bridge. This is not a lecture class! You'll be playing cards at the table from the beginning.

Students who have played a little bridge will enjoy this refresher and update on the fundamentals of play and Standard American bidding.

Lesson plan:

  1. The Basics - Historical bridge through Whist and Auction Bridge
  2. Notrump Opening Bids and Responses
  3. Major Suit Opening Bids and Responses
  4. Minor Suit Opening Bids and Responses
  5. Practice hands
  6. Practice hands

Bridge II — Competitive Bidding

Playing bridge in class
Playing bridge in class

This class is your gateway to modern competitive bidding, where the conversation grows beyond "How high" and "Where" to also interfere with the opponents communication.

This class follows directly on the heels of Bridge I. The material is valuable for players with widely varying experience, especially in the context of modern club and tournament play.

This course reflects how bridge has become even more playful and exciting than the game our grandparents loved.

Lesson plan:

  1. Preemptive Opening Bids
  2. Overcalls and Advances
  3. Takeout Doubles and Advances
  4. The Competitive Auction
  5. Practice Hands

Ready for bridge classBridge III — Popular Conventions

Take your bidding and play to the next level by incorporating these time-honored bidding conventions that help partnerships discover the right contract to play, at the right level. The object is always to get the best score!

This class is suitable for bridge players at all levels.

Lesson plan:

  1. The Stayman Convention
  2. Jacoby Transfer Bids
  3. Strong Opening Bids
  4. Slam Bidding
  5. Practice hands
  6. Practice hands

Summer 2020

Plans are currently being made to offer summer courses at the Pasadena Bridge Club.

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