How to join bridge class online

I think you'll find there are many advantages to taking an interactive bridge class online, but it's not without its technical challenges!

Besides a good device (or two) to use in class, you should have a reliable broadband internet connection. If you're using WiFi, be sure you're in a location with a good signal, on a channel with no interference. You need to have at least a microphone on the device you use for Zoom. A camera is encouraged, but optional.

These videos will help you with your platform of choice. There's even a way to do it when all you have is an iPad.

There's yet another option if you have a cell phone along with a device for the bridge game. I'll fill you in on that one after the videos.

Each video includes some tips on how to customize your bridge table. Worth a look!

How to join from a Windows PC

How to join from a MacBook or Mac desktop

If you only have an iPad, how to cope

One final alternative: two devices

Finally, if you have a cell phone with the Zoom app installed, you have the option of using two devices: one for the Zoom discussion, and one for the virtual bridge table.

The key to making two devices work is to be sure you have the email with the magic links on both devices. You can click the Zoom link on your phone, and the bridge table link on your other screen.

If you decide to go the two-device route, all you really need to do is prop your phone up so you can see the screen and join breakout rooms when the time comes.

See you in class!