All Doubles! Short class

Improving Your Judgment — Doubles

Join us for this special four-session class that's all doubles! The double is the most versatile call in a competitive auction. This class will let you practice making doubles and advances in all sorts of competitive bidding situations.

Bring your favorite partner for these four interactive online sessions. Participation requires a reliable broadband internet connection and a good Mac or Windows laptop or desktop computer. (An iPad alone is possible but not recommended.)

We'll meet for four sessions over two weeks, Monday and Wednesday at 3:00. Space is strictly limited to 16 students!

  • Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:30, November 16, 18, 23, and 25
  • Textbook Improving Your Judgment 2: Doubles by Audrey Grant ($10 from BridgeMojo)
  • Course fee $80

To join the class, send an email or contact Mojo through the web site.