The first BridgeMojo Game Revisited

View of the game from the stage
Here's a view of the game from the stage.

The first BridgeMojo game was free for all players! I had 13-1/2 tables, which made for a great game with two seven-table sections.

Mojo introduces the Bridgemates
Mojo gets the game started as District President Mike Marcucci looks on.

One of the features of this game is electronic scoring with Bridgemates, which are used at all tournaments and many clubs. To start the game this night, we spent some time getting familiar with logging in to the terminal with our player numbers. It seemed to go pretty well after that.

I had the most fun preparing a pre-game slide show, intended to inform and put people in a good mood for the game. This will be present and a bit different at every game. Here's a YouTube version of the slide show from the first game. (Each slide shows for 8 seconds.)