New classes in 2020

A visit to Honors in Manhattan

Picture from the Honors Bridge Club in Manhattan

Here's my latest email to the BridgeMojo information list:

Back to bridge classes

It's been an exciting year for Jane and me. As I write this, we're about to head out on our last long scheduled trip: 35 days cruising on the Crystal Symphony from Miami to San Diego, through the canal, and visiting Hawaii along the way. I'll be teaching and directing bridge games on sea days.

Bridge classes are starting up again in January. I'll be offering the Better Bridge series from Audrey Grant, all on Wednesday evenings, 7:00 p.m., at Arcadia High School.

  • Bridge 1 — An Introduction, January 8
  • Bridge 2 — Competitive Bidding, February 19
  • Bridge 3 — Popular Conventions, April 15

Full information on all three classes are available on my web site, with links to PCC Extension where you can enroll in class online.

Here's the link for class information:

Visiting bridge clubs around the world

Beside enjoying some travel, music, and bridge tournaments, I've been visiting bridge clubs that are well known as the "best of class."

I played at small clubs in Marbella, Spain, Oxford, UK, and visited some of the best and most attractive clubs in Southern California.

I also got to play and spend time at two famous and very busy bridge clubs: the Andrew Robson Bridge Club in London, and Honors in Manhattan.

I have lots of photos and stories from each of my visits, and every intention of posting "trip reports" on the BridgeMojo web site. Maybe I'll get to do that during my cruise.

The most successful clubs have massive teaching programs. They include lots of ways to introduce players to social and competitive bridge. That one factor is more important than any of the other myriad of details that go into making a bridge club.

Building the Pasadena Bridge Club

I still believe Pasadena is the perfect location to build a first-class full-time bridge club. Besides classes and games, my club will offer social bridge and supervised play. And not only bridge — why not play canasta, mahjong, chess, or have board game nights?

I'll start a location search in January, and I'm actively encouraging your help. I'll be looking for about 3,000 sq. ft. in a neighborhood like Old Town or the Playhouse District, but I don't have any specific attachments. Convenient parking is obviously important, and I also like the idea of being not far from a Gold Line Metro station.

I'm developing a business plan, and I'm going to need help in lots of specialties: things like legal consulting, accounting, and interior design with an emphasis on lighting and acoustics.

I believe I have the resources to build a place that non-bridge players can visit and say, "I'd really enjoy spending time here."

I'll be looking for players who'd like to become teachers and directors. We won't only be teaching people to play the game; we'll be creating new bridge teachers and directors as well. You don't have to be an expert player to take up teaching and directing!

I've created an email list that will receive an occasional announcement of activity related to the Pasadena Bridge Club. To join the list, you can just drop me a reply, or join directly at