Pasadena Pomona Downey VBC

A virtual bridge club for players in three Los Angeles Units.

Proceeds from games on (BBO) will help support the operators of closed bridge clubs in the three affected units.

Are you new to BBO online bridge? See this seminar by Mojo from May 18.

Quick reference links

Contact the bridge club

  • Voice or TXT message: (626) 247-4457
  • Email:
  • Contact form
  • On BBO, message MojoLA or VACB277210

Game Schedule

All games played on Bridge Base Online

Games may be added or deleted according to attendance. Check back here for updates! (We may add games for future Silver Linings weeks.)

Monday 0-1000 7:15 p.m.
Tuesday 0-500 10:45 a.m. (TCG)
Wednesday 0-500 10:45 a.m. (TCG)
Newcomers (0-100) 7:15 p.m. (12 hands)
Open 7:30 p.m.
Friday No games
Saturday 0-500 10:00 a.m. (TCG)
Newcomers (0-100) 12:20 p.m. (12 hands)
Open 12:30 p.m. (TCG)
Sunday Open 12:30 p.m. (TCG)

(TCG) indicates games using TheCommonGame boards shared nationwide

How to find the games

If you're a local member or player in one of our pooled clubs, the games should appear automatically when you follow these steps:

  • Log in to BBO
  • Click on Competitive
  • Click on ACBL Virtual Clubs
  • See games with the name "Pasadena Pomona Downey"

If you're a visiting player, or not attached to a local club, try this alternate approach:

  • Log in to BBO
  • Click on Competitive
  • Click on All Tournaments
  • Click on the Search box in the upper right of this window
  • Type in "Pasa"
  • See games with the name "Pasadena Pomona Downey"

Our games will appear in the list two hours before game time. Click now on the name of the game, not the host (VACB277210). You'll be offered a registration screen where you can invite your partner. You can also find here the Partnership Desk, where you can add your name, or invite someone else who's looking for a partner.

Once you and your partner are registered for the games, it's important to be online, active, and in the Competitive section of BBO. If you are in the Casual section at game time, or the idle timer logs you out, BBO will start the tournament without you!

Games require three tables to be held. If a game is canceled for lack of entries, your BBO account will not be charged the card fee.

Game Results

Most of our games will appear in all three of these locations:

Get on the list!

To be eligible to play, you should either be a member of one of the three ACBL Units, or have played in the past year at one of the clubs in these units.

The units are:

  • Unit 559 - Pasadena / San Gabriel
  • Unit 551 - Pomona / Covina
  • Unit 564 - Downey / Whittier

The clubs in the units include:

  • Bridge Center (Arcadia)
  • San Marino Bridge Club
  • La Fetra Bridge Club
  • Bridge 41
  • Downey-Whittier Bridge Club
  • Claudia's Games

To be added to our list of eligible players:

  • Send an email or use our contact form and include:
    • Full name
    • ACBL number
    • BridgeBase Online ID
  • Be sure you have purchased enough BB$ (Bridge Base Dollars) to cover your game
  • Be sure your ACBL number has been registered in the ACBL World section of BridgeBase.

Once we hear from you, you'll be added to the announcement email list for PPDVBC bridge games, and will get regular notifications of games and plans.

Note these requirements are for both you and your partner.

Visitor policy

Visitors are players who are either (a) not resident members of Units 559, 551, or 564, and (b) did not play in one of the unit's clubs during 2019.

ACBL's intent with the virtual clubs is to "allow our players an opportunity to play with friends from their local club. The social aspects of bridge cannot be understated. Everyone could have played in Speedball games or Support Your Club (SYC) games, but a large majority of our players want to play with the people whom they know."

Virtual clubs allow members to play with a visiting partner, but the number of visitors must be kept to less than 15% of the field, on a weekly average.

If you have a regular partner from outside our three units who has not played in one of our clubs in 2019, they are welcome to join you for a game. Please advise me in advance of the game so I can add their BBO ID to the list. Visitor IDs will be removed after each game.

There are many other ACBL games on BBO that are open to all players! You can have a great time with your out-of-town partners online.

Game Format and Card Fees

Games are usually 18 boards, with approximately 7 minutes allowed per board, three boards and 21 minutes per round. As the group gets more practice, it'll be easy to move to 6 minute rounds.

Games will be stratified according to the attendance. Pairs will be divided into three more or less equal strats based on the BBO masterpoints held by the player in a partnership with the most points. (Games smaller than six tables will not be stratified.)

Card fees for games in the PPDVBC are $5 per game.

Silver Linings week fees will be $6 per game.

Your game directors

  • Morris "Mojo" Jones
  • David White
  • Tom Lill
  • Your name here! Are you an ACBL director, computer savvy, and a good typist?