Bridgemate Smartphone App

When you play in the BridgeMojo Monday night game, you can keep track of your results on the Bridgemate smartphone app during the game.

Bridgemate is letting you try the app free for six months, which is a good time to decide if you like using it.

This page has information on installing the application on your phone. They've also written an app manual for players.

Once installed, you will need to create an account through the app, using your email address and a password. Bridgemate will send you a confirmation email to confirm the address. (It landed in my Junk folder, so be sure to look there if you don't see it in your Inbox.)

After creating an account, you can join a club. The app will ask for the country and state for the club and offer you a list of bridge clubs to connect with. Luckily "BridgeMojo" sorts fairly high on the list.