BridgeMojo Game Mission Statement

A weekly bridge game for non-Life Masters

This is a weekly bridge game for aspirational bridge players of all levels up to Life Master.

Mission Statement

These are my goals for the Monday Night game:

  • Provide a place for newer players to learn and practice modern bridge straight out of bridge class
  • To familiarize all players with the tools and environment of the modern game
  • To create bridge players who are comfortable and confident playing in a broad mix of experience levels
  • To feed the area tournaments and clubs with capable, confident players
  • To help my players reach Life Master and kick them out of the game :)
  • To recruit and train new club and tournament directors
  • To play the game with joy, humility, and good humor

This game will have a fairly broad mix of experience levels. Becoming a Life Master takes many years of playing in clubs and tournaments. We have to remember that every player in the game is on a journey themselves, and enjoy sharing that journey with them.

The rewards are a lifetime of social connections, travel, and the shared struggle to master the game.

How this game is different

The modern game of duplicate bridge is very different from what our grandparents played. Modern tools and technology have enabled advances that have added considerably to the fun of the game itself.

The BridgeMojo games will always feature:

  • Pre-dealt duplicated random hands
  • Electronic scoring
  • Online results with hand records and double-dummy analysis
  • Bidding boxes, certainly

This bridge game is in the spirit of the Better Bridge series:

  • Play and practice using all of the modern conventions, systems, and styles that make the game playful and enjoyable, such as transfers, cue bids, and 2/1 Game Forcing if you like. Or play with no conventions at all and experiment.
  • A shortened game of about two hours, 14-16 boards, geared to commuting professionals

Finally, a feature that makes this game unique:

  • No "lecture" before the game, instead after every game, a freewheeling postmortem where we can revisit interesting hands from the game, discussing bidding, play, and defense, or cover topics such as the Laws, proprieties, and best practices.

Best of all, we will share the high comedy that is bridge itself, in the capriciousness of the cards and the players.

When and where

  • Monday evenings, game time 7:15 p.m.
  • Finish by 9:30, with an optional postmortem after every game.
  • San Marino Masonic Center, 3130 Huntington Drive, San Marino, CA 91108

Card fees are $10 per game. Buy five games for $45, or ten games for $85. Play whenever you like.

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