BridgeMojo Monday Night Bridge Club
Closed (but see new game!)

Marie Nimmrich is opening a new non-Life Master short duplicate game at the San Marino Bridge Club, 1800 Huntington Ave. The first game is January 7. Drop in to support the new game while I'm off traveling!

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Celebrating retirement 2019

Taking a year off to celebrate

Normally at this time of year I would be announcing my class and event schedule for the coming season.

Jane and I have decided to pull the plugs on our day jobs. She's finishing up at the end of November at JPL, and I'm joining her from DreamWorks Animation at the end of February. It's a slightly scary and exciting thing to do.

We've decided to take 2019 for ourselves. We want to have lots of unstructured time: take mid-week astronomy excursions to the desert, play tons of bridge, go to all the big tournaments, and listen to lots of live classical music and jazz.

We're taking a sabbatical year with very few firm commitments.

Closing the Monday night bridge club

December 17 will be the last scheduled game for the BridgeMojo Monday night club. Let's make it a game and a party.

I know that sounds like crazy talk.

BridgeMojo in October

October 2018 at BridgeMojo by the numbers:

Total Tables 50.5
Players awarded masterpoints 58
Total masterpoints reported 34.92

The top winners this month were Tor Hylbom and Richard Gero with 1.48, followed closely by Will and Ileana Shaw with 1.28.

This month I ran games for the North American Pairs first Unit Final, and those results were mingled in with the BridgeMojo results. It was interesting seeing those large numbers of additional masterpoints being awarded. I was unable to filter the report down to number of individual players at the Monday Night game. (I'll have the same problem in November!)

BridgeMojo in September

September 2018 at BridgeMojo by the numbers:

Total tables 40.5
Number of individual players 64
Players awarded masterpoints 58
Total masterpoints reported (excluding STaC overalls) 28.82

Hilary Clark and Rosemary Schroeder were the top winners (again!) this month with 1.26. Close behind was Angela Peters with 1.25.

I'll remember September 2018 as the month when 110 folks came to the Laemmle in Pasadena to see a screening of the bridge documentary Double Dummy and meet the filmmaker John McAllister. :) Thank you all!

BridgeMojo in August

August 2018 at BridgeMojo by the numbers:

Total tables 52
Number of individual players 88
Players awarded masterpoints 54
Total masterpoints reported (excluding STaC overalls) 43.44

Inside the club, Hilary Clark and Rosemary Schroeder were the top winners this month with 2.68, excluding their STaC overall award at 3rd in the conference.

In the Western Conference STaC overalls, Dennis Burke and Ray Boncato had a big win to take the 0-750 tournament for Monday evening, earning 3.15 silver points for their win!

Partner opens NT and you have clubs

Board 2 in the August 13 game raised an interesting bidding question.


Dlr: East
Vul: N-S


The question by email:

Last night on Board #2, South opened 1NT. As North, how do I reach 3-4♣? If 2♣ means Stayman, should I bid 3♣ with only 7HCP?

Moving on up, August 2018

I've started receiving news of rank changes, so I'll do my best to celebrate them here. Congratulations to these players on new ACBL Masterpoint ranks!

Junior Master

Gail Klein

Club Master

Christine Atkinson

Sectional Master

Charles Jarai
Denise Wreede

Regional Master

Bonnie Cox
Lynn Sager

July 2018 at BridgeMojo

July was a great month, with five Mondays. One was a STaC game, and many folks won silver points. We even had our first swiss team game!

For July:

  • Total Masterpoints reported: 45.54
  • Number of players receiving Masterpoints: 66

The biggest winners with Denise Wreede and Karmen Armoudjian, with 2.12 for the month. Next up was Leila Otey with 1.73


Reminding declarer which hand they're in

Lately I've had some timely questions about a practice that seems to have become common especially among novice and intermediate players. I had an email from a director in Palm Desert who has noticed this practice, and a question about it at my most recent summer bridge class.

Players, as dummy, have been routinely reminding declarer which hand they're in. The common thing is tapping the table to remind declarer that she's "on the board."

When it was brought up in class, I said, "Well it has to stop!" which got a bit of a chuckle.

Let me go into detail about dummy's rights and privileges. They're quite explicitly called out in the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

First, there's Law 42 B. "Qualified Rights" paragraph 2.:

2. He may try to prevent any irregularity.